Mostly self-taught developer, tackling a variety of problems with a focus on full stack development. I like to stay informed in technology and in how my options for tackling software problems evolve.


  • Proficient in: Python, C#, Typescript
  • Familiar with: Java, C++, PHP, Rust
  • Frontend: Angular, ReactJs
  • Backend: ASP.NET, NestJs, ExpressJs
  • Application: Qt

  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Platforms: Ubuntu 16.04-20.04, Windows 10, Docker
  • Code Editors/IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, QtCreator

About Me:

I like working with code and using it to solve various problems.
I have multiple projects displayed here and on my github account. Including a basic SQL implementation in Rust and a simple e-shop type website demo with
For desktop applications I have used Qt(which I found to be very complete), but I am exploring options that work well with Rust as well.
I have been working on a gaming community website mainly as a frontend developer, that is connected to the app discord and uses its login system, and keeps stats on the users as well as helping them manage community related functions within the app.
I have learned to deal with complex database relationships and normalizing SQL data.

Some of my Projects